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Germany claimed the final gold of the World Championships Biathlon

The German biathletes won the women’s relay. Ukraine captured silver. Third went to France.

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Anders Besserberg – about 2010-2011 biathlon season

At today’s IBU press-conference IBU president Anders Besserberg gave an outlook of 2010-2011 season and spoke about the current World Championships.

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Sergey Kuschenko: We should analyze the current season

The RBU executive director Sergey Kuschenko spoke about Russia’s national team performance at the World Championships Biathlon in Khanty-Mansiysk and RBU’s policy concerning the biathletes’ training.

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Press conference IBU (13.03.2011)

Anna Carin Zidek: I’ll start today’s race in a good mood

The Swedish national team dominating the World Cup relay standings is going to start the WCh-2011 final race in the first position. Prior to the relay, Anna Carin Zidek, one of the Swedish team leaders told us about her impressions of the World Championships Biathlon.

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Award ceremony, men (12.03.2011)

Men 15 km Mass Start (12.03.2011)

Emil Hegle Svendsen: “I grew up skiing”

The press conference with the prize winners took place immediately after the race. The gold medal winner, Emil Hegle Svendsen, the Norway biathlete, shared secrets of a successful performance of the Norway team. Evgeniy Ustyugov, Russia (silver medal) and Lukas Hofer, Italy( bronze medal) shared their opinion on the tense race which took place in the last seconds.

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