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Arnd Peiffer: Biathlon World has given way to a young generation

The national team of Germany, which dominates the World Cup relay standings, is one of the contenders for the gold in men’s relay at 2011 World Championships Biathlon. Despite his young age, 24 year old Arnd Peiffer is one of the Germany’s team leaders. Prior to the relay Arnd shared his impression of the Championship in Khanty-Mansiysk.

The Championship finishes in the next few days. What can you say about the previous races?

I’m satisfied with my performance and my results. To tell the truth, there were times when for some reasons I thought I wouldn’t get a prize. The terrible weather was one of these reasons. For example, during the men’s sprint the wind was so fierce that winning seemed nearly impossible. But I guess it was in vain to doubt my abilities (laughing).

What do you think about physical shape of your competitors?

I think it is at top level, for example my fellow contestant and an age-mate Tarjei Boe is exceptionally strong now. In general young biathletes come to the front at present. This Championship shows that it’s time to give way to a new generation of biathletes.

This is not your first visit to Khanty-mansiysk. What are your impressions of the city this time?

I’ve said already that I enjoy visiting Khanty – this year I like it here even more. I like the organization of the competition, and Russian people are very friendly and hospitable. The only negative thing I can think of is the weather. This year it’s incredibly cold in Khanty-Mansiysk. I think if it wasn’t for harsh Siberian climate, many biathletes, including me would have shown much better performance. But all in all everything is great. I hope to visit Khanty-Mansiysk once again.

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