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Magdalena Neuner: I had to fight for the leadership again and again

German biathlete Magdalena Neuner, the women’s mass-start gold winner, Darya Domracheva (Belarus), the silver medalist, and Tora Berger (Norway), the bronze medalist, told about the fight for the leadership at the conference.

Magdalena NEUNER: The competition was very hard today. I missed on both shooting stages, that’s why I had to fight for the leadership again and again. Besides Darya was really strong today, so I had to do my best on the last loop to win. Tomorrow I will start the relay in position four, and it’s not usual for me. The Championships come to the end. All the biathletes including me are tired. But it is not a problem for me – I have a good physiotherapist, so tomorrow I will be in a perfect shape and ready for the new competition.

Darya DOMRACHEVA: Today after all my fails – falls and penalties – I still believed in myself. I missed on the second shooting range and moved to the 25th position. Then I thought: “Where is my luck?” So I continued to compete. Biathlon is a sport. You must fight to the finish.

Tora BERGER: On the last loop my major rival was Kaisa Makarainen. I used all of my power to pull away from her before the finishing line. I planned to claim a gold medal at this Championship, but my shooting wasn’t satisfying, and it’s impossible to win with three misses.

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