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The men mass-start` s title was captured by Emil Hegle Svendsen

Norway`s Emil Hegle Svendsen claimed the gold in the WCH 2011 mass-start. Evgeny Ustyugov from Russia settled for the silver. The third went to Lucas Hofer.

All thirty athletes came to the first shooting range together. The warm and calm weather was perfect for shooting so fourteen biathletes made no mistakes on the shooting ranges. Lucas Hofer (Italy) led the race together with Martin Fourcade (France) and Emil  Hegle Svendsen (Norway). But at the 5.6 km mark Tarjei Boe from Norway who left the shooting range 12th took the lead.

The second shooting turned out to be clean for nineteen biathletes. Nine of them left the shooting range in one pack with Lucas Hofer, Martin Fourcade and  Christoph Sumann (Austria) leading. On the third loop they were locked in a tight battle but the first to come to the stadium was Lars Berger (Norway) followed by Christoph Sumann and Martin Fourcade. On the third shooting bout there were only five biathletes with flawless shooting. Hofer, Boe, Svendsen, Ustyugov ended the shooting first. Andrei Makoveev, with three clean shooting stages, trailed them 20 seconds back.

Russia`s Ustyugov and Makoveev showed top results on the last standing shooting.  For some time Ustyugov retained a ten second lead over Svendsen who was waiting for the right moment and overtook him as they were approaching the stadium. Lucas Hofer of Italy crossed the finish line fourteen seconds back.

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