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Germany claimed the final gold of the World Championships Biathlon

The German biathletes won the women’s relay. Ukraine captured silver. Third went to France.

Anastasiya Kuzmina (Slovakia), Ekaterina Yurlova (Russia) and Michela Ponza (Italy) were the first to leave the the  first leg prone shooting stage. Valj Semerenko of Ukraine closely trailed the group.

Ponza shot clean and fast on the second stage and took the lead. She was followed by Veronika Vitkova of Czech Republic and Semerenko. This shooting was a real tragedy for Russian team as Ekaterina Yurlova couldn’t hit 3 targets even with extra cartridges. At the first exchange she was only in the 16th position.

Russia finally fell off the battle for a medal spot when Anna Bogaliy-Titovets  just like Yurlova missed 3 targets in the prone shooting.

Meanwhile Vita Semerenko gained the lead, followed by Karin Oberhofer (Italy) and Miriam Gossner 15 seconds back.

Darya Domracheva of Belarus shot clean in the fourth round and became a race leader. Vita Semerenko used 2 extra bullets and left the shooting range second. Marie Laure Brunet went on the loop third. Before her exchange Byelorussian biathlete extended the gap from 10 up to 18 seconds.

On the third leg Nadezhda Pisareva (Belorus), Olena Pidhrushna (Ukraine) and Sophie Boilley (France) kept their national teams in the top three.

Right after the last exchange Oksana Khvostenko of Ukraine passed Ludmila Kalinchuk from Belarus. It should be noted that by the last leg Germany was a minute behind when Magdalena Neuner  completely changed the situation. At first she moved from the 4th position up when overtook Marie Dorin and became second after the final shooting round. She went on the loop 24,7 seconds behind the Ukrainian. By the finish not only did she pass Khvostenko but also gained a 24 second advantage. French biathlete finished in the third position, 47 seconds back.

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