IPC Biathlon and Cross-Country SkiingWorld Championships 2011

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Vyacheslav Zhuravlev: Khanty-Mansiysk is ready for new sport records

Organizing Committee Executive Director told about the last preparation stage for the IPC Biathlon and Cross-Country Skiing World Championships 2011.

- The last preparatory works on tracks, stadium and shooting area will be over by the end of March. The weekend snowfall slightly changed plans of Biathlon Center workers. The trainings are just about to start, and the Winter Sports Center named in honour of A. Filipenko will be ready by this time. At the same time the Opening Ceremony preparations are taking place at CTC «Arena-Ugra». The Ceremony will be held on March 31 at 20:30.

IPC Technical Delegate Hans-Peter Nesser visited Khanty-Mansiysk. What’s the purpose of his visit?

- The Technical Delegate visit is a regulated event before the competition of such a level starts.  It is necessary to make sure that all conditions are completed. Tracks, sports zones of the stadium, organizing services are being tested now. We check every inch of the course from start to finish. We have worked hard to create comfortable conditions for every athlete. Everything is almost ready now.

How does the IPC assess the Executive Direction work?

- Today we got positive reviews. During the last visit in February we made a list of changes which are to be done before the competition. All the aspects have been worked in detail by now, so we are waiting for the Championships to begin. The successful performance of the athletes is the best assessment of our work.

What way will the broadcast be organized?

- Our permanent partner, TV company «Ugra», will organize the direct transmission on videoboard at the stadium. It will help to make the event more spectacular for the supporters. Not everyone can leave their working place in order to watch the race, that’s why local TV channel will broadcast the events in the evenings.

Is there anything you’d like to wish to the athletes before the competitions?

- First of all I’d like to wish them to be endurable and self-confidence. Hope we will have a chance to enjoy the uncompromising and spectacular struggle for every single medal. Especially we’d like this bound «Athlete-Fan» to exist all the time.

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Team standings
1 Russia 20 13 15 48
2 Ukraine 8 9 6 23
3 Norway 1 5 3 9
4 Canada 5 2 7
4 Poland 1 5 1 7
6 Germany 2 4 6
6 Belarus 1 2 2 5
8 Finland 4 4
8 Italy 2 1 3
10 France 1 1