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Toni Myllyla: I spend all my spare time with my family and my dogs

On his birthday, Toni Myllyla, the Finnish national team capitan, told about his family and also about every athlete of his team.

- Toni, tell how you spend your spare time?

- Although I don’t have much spare time, I always try to be with my family – my wife and my two-year-old daughter – as long as possible. Besides, my life is quite active and it’s very easy to think what to do on my free time. I like dogs, so I have a couple of them.

- You have been the Finnish Paralympic national team capitan for many years. Why did you decide to do it?

- It is very challenging work, but at the same time it is a good way to learn how to lead a team. Now our team is quite small, that’s why it is a little bit easier to lead.

- Tell about the athletes of your team. How do you spend your spare time with them?

- They are all good guys, but we spend our spare time together not very often. For example, Ilkka (Ilkka Tuomisto, author’s note) is spending his spare time using computer a lot; we can’t see him so much. It’s almost the same with Maija (Maija Loytynoja, author’s note). So now I’m spending my spare time with our wax guy Jari (Jari Nieminen, author’s note). Maybe in the evening we’ll go to drink one cold beer and to chat. (smiling)

Ilkka Tuomisto, the Finnish Paralympic national team member, also told a few words about his capitan: «Toni is a nice guy, and a little bit dink sometimes. He is really funny, he likes joking a lot, – says Ilkka, – However, he is a very systematic person. He’s doing his job very well and trying to make everything easier for us».

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Team standings
1 Russia 20 13 15 48
2 Ukraine 8 9 6 23
3 Norway 1 5 3 9
4 Canada 5 2 7
4 Poland 1 5 1 7
6 Germany 2 4 6
6 Belarus 1 2 2 5
8 Finland 4 4
8 Italy 2 1 3
10 France 1 1