IPC Biathlon and Cross-Country SkiingWorld Championships 2011

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Norwegian national team achieved top-three in unofficial team-scoring

Today the Norwegian athletes Trygve Steinar Larsen, Mariann Marthinsen and Vegard Dahle brought gold, silver and bronze to their team. Norway has got up from fifth to third position in team-scoring and has seven medals in its collection.

The short ski sprint consisted of three stages: qualification, semifinals and finals. 24 athletes fought for the Champion title.

In men sitski competition gold went to Trygve Steinar Larsen of Norway, who showed the best time of 2:15.5 on 0.9 km distance. Chris Klebl of Canada came seven seconds behind the leader and got silver. Irek Zaripov of Russia became third.

As for women race of this category, the first was Andrea Escau of Germany. Maria Iovleva of Russia won the silver medal having finished with a 1.5 seconds lag. Bronze went to Mariann Marthinsen of Norway.

In men competition, standing, Kirill Mikhaylov of Russia won his third gold medal in personal scoring. He finished one-kilometer distance in 3 minutes 10 seconds. Vegard Dahle of Norway became second having lost 4 seconds to the winner. Vladimir Kononov of Russia took bronze.

In women sprint, standing, Oleksandra Kononova of Ukraine showed the best time of 4:05.6. In the fight for the silver medal between Catarzyna Rogowiec (Poland) and Maija Loytynoja (Finland), the Polish athlete was 0.1 second faster.

Brian McKeever (B 1-3) brought one more gold medal to the Canadian national team. He won four seconds ahead of Nikolay Polukhin (Russia), who came next. Alexey Toropov of Russia was third, having lost 8 seconds to the leader.

In women sprint, visually impaired, Mikhalina Lysova of Russia became the Champion. She finished one-kilometer distance in 3:25.5. Oksana Shyshkova of Ukraine came 5 seconds behind and got the silver medal. Tatyana Iljuchenko of Russia was third with 10 seconds lag to the winner.

Today the Russian national team is an absolute leader in unofficial team-scoring having 15 gold, 12 silver and 14 bronze medals in its collection. The Ukrainian athletes with their 14 medals are on the second position. The Norwegian team became third adding three more medals to their four.

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Team standings
1 Russia 20 13 15 48
2 Ukraine 8 9 6 23
3 Norway 1 5 3 9
4 Canada 5 2 7
4 Poland 1 5 1 7
6 Germany 2 4 6
6 Belarus 1 2 2 5
8 Finland 4 4
8 Italy 2 1 3
10 France 1 1