IPC Biathlon and Cross-Country SkiingWorld Championships 2011

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Nikolay Polukhin: Hard job of lots of people is concentrated in a small medal

An accordionist Nikolay Polukhin, a furniture maker Maija Loytynoja and a bicyclist Nils Erik Ulset shared their impressions about the 5th competition day of the World Championships.

Maija: The race was difficult for me because of the wet snow. However, clean shooting played its role and as a result I managed to get the medal.

Nils Erik: The snow didn’t allow me to show a good speed.  Having known about my shooting troubles, I was a little bit nervous before the start, but everything turned to be good.

Nikolay: I’m satisfied with the race. The weather was not a problem for me, because Andrey, my guide, and I were ready for such difficult conditions of the competitions. I tried my best to overcome the distance as quick as possible and shoot clean.

What about the financial side of the medal? Is there any reward system for the athlete-winners in your countries?

Maija: Thanks to my victories I can find new sponsors for my future participations, I can interest them, because I have a very strong motivation.

Nils Erik: It’s also very important in Norway to have sponsors, and we work with all the team in this direction. The state rewards for the medals are not widespread, but I have a chance to find sponsors not only for the team, but for myself personally as well.

Nikolay: After the Turin Olympiad 2006 the state support became really essential. Not only has the National Paralympic Committee helped us, but also the Sport Ministry and our President personally.

Nikolay, during the race you and your guide Andrey Tokarev showed a wonderful mutual understanding and team work. It looks like you intuitively feel each other.  How much time you spend together out of sport?

Nikolay: We’re almost always together and there’s no wonder that we understand each other without words. We work together since 2007 and after that we’re almost always together, that’s why we spend with our relatives all the time, which is free from permanent trainings for the competitions.

How do you prepare for the competitions? How do you spend your spare time?

Maija: The training camps in Finland are held not so often, but I have a personal coach and we work together a lot. I’m also glad, that I have a chance to train myself during the competitions if I have time left. Concerning my hobby, I like making furniture and painting.

Nils Erik: For me the preparation for the Championships was a little bit different from what I usually do. I had a surgery previous summer, so my training plan was shortened and compacted. Nevertheless during the season I managed to dedicate a lot of time to my hobby, which is biking. Concerning the training camps, they take place 2-3 times a month in a special training center near Oslo.  

Nikolay: I used to play music and I played some folk instruments, but after that I dedicated myself to sport. I understood that all I needed was sport. What’s pity is that because of permanent trainings sometimes I can’t find any time for my favourite game, which is chess.

What do you feel standing on the?

Nils Erik: First of all I felt satisfaction and I understood that I can relax. I’m very thankful to my coach, masseurs and all the others who helped me to win.

Nikolay: The feelings in such moments are not that simple. First of all, I feel the responsibility; now I have to prove that I can perform on at least the same level.  Of course I’m proud of myself, but I’m also very thankful to everyone who helped me to win this medal. My coach, guide, masseurs, and my relatives – they all made their contribution to the process of my medal winning.

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Team standings
1 Russia 20 13 15 48
2 Ukraine 8 9 6 23
3 Norway 1 5 3 9
4 Canada 5 2 7
4 Poland 1 5 1 7
6 Germany 2 4 6
6 Belarus 1 2 2 5
8 Finland 4 4
8 Italy 2 1 3
10 France 1 1