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Ole Einar Bjoerndalen: We deserved this victory

IBU World Championships 2011

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Ole Einar Bjoerndalen: We deserved this victory

The press-conference with the WChB men’s relay winners was held. The Norwegian team claimed the gold, the silver was taken by the Russians and the Ukrainian team settled for the bronze.

Ole Einar BJOERNDALEN (Norway): Today’s race was unpredictable.  We made a good start then we had some problems but guys coped with it. Compared to the relay in Vancouver, our team changed as Alexander Os has joined us. Unlike my teammates, I`m not in such a good shape that`s why I counted on the clean shooting.

Alexander OS (Norway): I wanted to win back those seconds that I lost on the penalty loop though I knew for sure the guys would get it right. I tried my best to close the gap between me and the closest runner-up.

Emil Hegle SVENDSEN (Norway): Arnd Peiffer was my main opponent. He is a very strong athlete and always performs well in relays. I had to do my utmost to compete with him.

Tarjei BOE (Norway): Today I planned to use the same tactics as in the mixed relay. On the last loop I tried to pull away from Michael Greis, but my second shooting was not so perfect so the race fell short of my expectations.

Ivan TCHEREZOV (Russia): After the not-so-good prone shooting I gave up the lead. But I had the second shooting ahead. As we all were skiing alongside, I understood I had good chances.  I made a great effort on the standing shooting and everything went fine.  I`m very glad with our today`s performance – it’s the best relay result we’ve had lately.

Anton SHIPULIN (Russia): Today a lot of fans came to the stadium to cheer on us and their support was very important that’s why I felt so responsible.

Maxim MAKSIMOV (Russia): The previous season I could not get into the Olympic team so before the World Championships I trained hard. That is obviously the key to success.

Andriy DERYZEMLYA (Ukraine): Before the race we did not know for sure if we would be on the podium. We hoped for the best and tried to show good results.  In the end the team managed to succeed.  And we are satisfied with the race.

Serhiy SEDNEV (Ukraine): At the starting line I tried not to think about my rivals I just wanted to shoot clean. On the finish loop I was skiing side by side with Ivan and I really hoped I could be a serious rival to him. Ivan happened to be stronger this time but we are content with the bronze.

After the press-conference Ole Einar Bjoerndalen said the Norwegian team victory is darkened by the disastrous tsunami which hit Japan. «Today we are not going to celebrate the victory,- he said. – Moreover, on behalf of our national team we would like to donate 10.000 euros for the victims of this catastrophe».

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