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Norwegian national team won men’s relay

IBU World Championships 2011

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Norwegian national team won men’s relay

The Norwegian team won the World Championships Biathlon-2011 men’s relay. Russians became the 2nd, and Ukrainians took the 3nd place.

Anton Shipulin (Russia) and Simon Eder (Austria) were leading from the very beginning of the relay. But after the first shooting where the Russian biathlete missed once and had to use a spare round, he moved to the 17th place. Simon Eder, Christoph Stephan (Germany) and Ole Einar Bjoerndalen (Norway) became the leaders. Bjoerndalen was the one to shoot clean on both shooting ranges, and tagged off with 15 seconds lead.

On the second lap the major events started after the second shooting. Alexander Os (Norway) picked up a penalty and lost his leading position. As a result following Magnus Jonsson (Sweden) and Evgeny Ustyugov (Russia) changed over almost after him. Andreas Birnbacher, the German team biathlete, was not far from them, he performed well during his lap.

On the third lap Emile Hegle Swendsen (Norway) and Arnd Peiffer (Germany) were extremely rapid, they had only a few misses at both shooting ranges, and helped their teams to become leaders… Maxim Maksimov of Russia, having missed only once, finished the lap 30 seconds behind, as he was not fast enough.

The fight between Norwegian and German teams was expected to continue during the fourth lap. However, the prone stage became for the German biathletes a real disaster. After Michael Greis picked up three penalties his team missed the chance to get a medal. Tarjei Boe was the only leader of the competition. Russian biathlete Ivan Tcherezov had an opportunity to become the second, but he managed to hit the 5th target using three spare rounds. Eventually, Marcus Windish (Italy) was the second, and Sergey Sednev (Ukraine) was the third to start the second loop. Tarjei Boe intrigued more by making four misses at the last shooting. However, he had enough time to keep the first place even after a penalty. Windish failed at the last shooting range, giving a chance to Sednev and Tcherezov. They started the last loop together. The Russian biathlete appeared to be stronger in this confrontation for the silver medal. Near the finish he managed to leave the Ukrainian biathlete 15 seconds behind.

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