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4th medal of the Queen of Championships

IBU World Championships 2011

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4th medal of the Queen of Championships

The German biathlete Magdalena Neuner has become the winner of the WCH 2011 women’s mass – start. Darya Domracheva of Belarus settled for the silver finishing 5 seconds behind the winner. The third was Tora Berger from Norway.

Just on the first turn the Russian biathlete, Anna Bogaliy-Titovets and the Belarusian Darya Domracheva knocked each other. Magdalena Neuner (Germany), Tora Berger (Norway) and the mass-start «yellow bib», Andrea Henkel (Germany) came to the front. Though this advantage was relative as all the race participants came to the first shooting range all together.

Magdalena Neuner was the first to leave the shooting range . Marie Dorin and Helen Ekholm also shot flawlessly and were led by Magdalena by 3,4 and 10,3 seconds respectively. The Slovenian Teja Gregorin, the Russian Olga Zaitseva and the Italian Michela Ponza were in the leading group too.

By the second shooting range the German biathlete had extended the lead over Doris up to 20 seconds. However, during the shooting Neuner missed once and lost her advantage on the penalty loop. The French biathlete shot clean and left the shooting area first trailed by Michela Ponza, Magdalena Neuner and Anastasiya Kuzmina (Slovakia). The last two turned on their ski speed and came together to the standing shooting.

It could have been the high ski speed that affected Neuner’s and Kuzmina’s shooting and made both miss twice on the third shooting bout. Marie Dorin, Michela Ponza, with perfect shooting, set the pace of the race and were followed by Marie-Laure Brunet (France), Helena Ekholm(Sweden) and Olga Zaitseva (Russia).

On the course Magdalena Neuner caught up with the leaders. In that order the athletes came to the last shooting range where Marie Dorin missed for the first time in the race, and Michela Ponza missed twice. As the result they lost all the chances of getting the prize.  Darya Domracheva of Belarus who shot clean on the last two stages, took the lead. Magdalena Neuner missed once, but her strong skiing lifted her to the second position and then to the first one. Norway`s Tora Berger left Marie Dorin behind and captured the bronze.

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