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Friday, 10
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Tarjei Bø and Emil Hegle Svendsen are preparing a practical joke for Russian national team

Norwegian Tarjei Bø told in an exclusive interview for the competition press centre about the World Cup Final coming to its end and his plans for the nearest future.

– There are 8 World Cup stages left behind. How would you estimate your performance during them?

Tarjei Bø: The start of the season was very good for me, but then, when the Christmas was on its way, I fell ill and it was hard for me to come back, that’s why the results were not very good. Now I’m in a good shape and feel perfect.

–  What do you think about your performance on the sprint and pursuit races in Khanty-Mansiysk?

Tarjei Bø: Yesterday I was the 6th, today – the 5th and it’s not a bad result. I’m satisfied with the races, the track and of course the fans support. I was a little bit betrayed by the skis. That’s why it was very difficult for me on the track.

– What result do you expect to show tomorrow, in the final race?

Tarjei Bø: I’m trying to improve my results from race to race. That’s why I hope you will see me on the podium.

– Who are your main rivals? What are your relationships with them?

Tarjei Bø: There’s no doubt that my main rivals are such strong athletes as a Frenchman Martin Fourcade, German Arnd Peiffer and my best friend and my compatriot Emil Hegle Svendsen. We all know each other for years and we have very warm and friendly relationships. We love competing together and when some of us get on the podium we sincerely congratulate each other.

– You collaborate with French biathlete Raphael Poiree. Tell me about it in a more detailed way? What are you going to pay your attention to after the season?

Tarjei Bø: We’ve been working together for two years now. Last year our work with Raphael became more productive and I learned a lot from him. Now I’m thinking that I should work with Bjørndalen. I like his shooting technique and I think I could take a few lessons from him.

– Recently you were awarded at Biathlon Award 2011 having more than 55 000 voices. What were the feelings during the awarding ceremony?

Tarjei Bø: That was definitely an important event in my life. I was full of happiness. I’m always trying to be friendly with my fans and I really appreciate that they support me and this award is a priceless prize for each biathlete.

– Together with Emil Hegle Svendsen you have opened a training centre «Gym+». How did you come across the idea to open the centre?

Tarjei Bø: The idea belongs to our friends and now they are our partners. We were glad to support them and got down to work on the project. Last few months I didn’t have much time to develop «Gym+» because I was preparing for the World Cup. When the season ends I will pay more attention to the centre.

– Last year you and Emil decided to have some fun and hijacked the car of Svetlana Sleptsova. Are you preparing some more practical jokes for any of biathlete of this Cup?

Tarjei Bø: Emil and I are friends with Russian national team and of course we want to do something alike this time. We don’t have a plan now, but we’ll definitely make one up. If you have some ideas, you’re very welcome to share them with us. We’ll have fun!

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