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Friday, 10
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Emil Hegle Svendsen: I just have a talent for biathlon!

The winners of the mass start Emil Hegle Svendsen (Norway), Arnd Peiffer (Germany) and Anton Shipulin (Russia) told about the last men’s race of the season.– Emil, it’s your fourth win of the season, you’re in second place in the final ranking of the World Cup. What are your feelings at the end of the season?
Emil Hegle Svendsen: It was a very tough season, during which I took part in each race on the individual championship. I am happy with the season, even though I often had misses on shootings. So the next season I’m going to work on my shooting to further improve my results and become the owner of the Senior Crystal Globe.
– Since the season 2007/2008, you are consistently among the top three overall World Cup. How do you avoid all the ups and downs that are so familiar to many athletes?
Emil Hegle Svendsen: I guess I was just lucky. I’m working hard – and perhaps I just have a talent for biathlon! Tarjei Boe, for example, had a fantastic season last year, this year he lost some positions – I have avoided such ups and downs. Why? I cannot even explain it. I can hardly call only one factor that allows me to be always among the leaders. I just have a certain advantage over the others. I train hard, trying to stay on top lines, but try not to forget about the fun and pleasure.
– What are you going to do after the end of the season?
Emil Hegle Svendsen: There will be a race of champions in Moscow, and I plan to participate in it. Next week we have a championship in Norway, and then possibly I go on vacation. But there no specific plans in my regard – we’ll see how everything goes.
– Arnd, what a great finish, what a power! You have had three starts at the last stage, and all three ended up on the podium. Indeed, Khanty-Mansiysk – is your favorite city?
Arnd Peiffer: This is a great end of the season, I’m very happy with my results.
– Together with Andreas Birnbacher you are the strongest duet of the Germany’s men’s team. What do you expect of the next season?
Arnd Peiffer: Our team is on the right way. We also have good biathletes, such as Simon Sсhempp, Florian Graf, and then Michael Greis will be back – next season we will be excellent! We will continue to work flat out 100% in order to advance in the ranking of the Cup of Nations, to win a podium in the relay.
– How do you plan your vacation?
Arnd Peiffer: On Thursday I am going to have a rest.It’s great because the last four years I have participated in the police camp immediately after the season. This year for the first time I will be able to take a vacation for three weeks.
– Where will you go?
Arnd Peiffer: It’s a secret, I cannot tell you.
– Anton, this is your third podium of the season, you’re the best biathlete of the Russia’s men’s team.It’s more than what you expected?

Anton Shipulin: No, I would like to perform in a more stable way.Hopefully, next year I’ll come to it. It remains only to improve my skiing, my speed, and I think next season we will be able to compete with our rivals.
– Today, Russian biathletes proved that they can compete on equal terms with the strongest athletes. Do you feel the pressure after the World championships?
Anton Shipulin: We had problems during the World Championships, our team performed poorly.However our performance was stable – it was confirmed when we got the Cup of Nations.I hope our failure in Ruhpolding provides us a lesson, and we will be able to take into account all our misstakes.

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Belarus 2 1 3
France 2 2
Germany 1 3 4
Norway 1 1 1 3
Ukraine 1 1 2
Finland 1 1 2
Sweden 1 1
Russia 1 1

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