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“Higher and higher…”

The 2nd of March, 2012 in the Geology, Oil and Gas museum there was a solemn opening of the exposition ‘Higher and higher…” dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the non-stop transatlantic flight of V. P. Chkalov’s crew.

The Valery Chkalov’s crew non-stop flight from Moscow (USSR) to Vancouver, Washington (USA) via the North Pole on the single-engine aircraft ANT-25 (June, 1937), brought honour to our country and became one of the greatest events in the modern aviation history.

The historic flight was done on the 18-20th of June, 1937 and lasted 63 hours, its length was 8 503 km. All the members of the crew: Commander V. P. Chkalov, copilot G. F. Baydukov and navigator A. V. Belyakov were awarded with the Order of the Red Banner.

The entire world could see the increased level of the soviet technologies, especially aircraft construction. The new course was constructed to connect two continents. And what was the most important, the it helps to develop the mutual understanding between USSR and USA peoples.

The exposition “Higher and higher…” has two main topics: “the V. Chkalov’s flight USSR – the North Pole – USA” and “history of the development of the aviation in Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug-Ugra”. There are some pictures presented: the crew during their stay in USA, the ANT-25’s images. The aircraft now is an exhibit of the Chkalov’s Memorial Museum (Chkalovsk, Nizhegorodskaya oblast).

The Chkalov’s flight found a broad response all over the country, including our region. The publications in the local newspaper “Ostyako-Vogulskaya Pravda” June-July 1937, became a clear evidence of the local people interest to the event. The “Ostyako-Vogulskaya Pravda” of 1937 is one of the main items of the exposition.

One topic of the exposition dedicated to the history of the local aviation development and its role in the geological exploration represents the “UTair” airlines activities: the maps of the domestic and international flights, calendars, posters, corporative magazine “Cozy Sky”, historical pictures, and the aviators’ overalls collection.

The pictures representing ground systems of the airport, main events in the Khanty-Mansiysk history, the book about the formation and development of the Tyumen aviation “Obnimaya nebo” were given by the airport management company – “UgraAvia”

Original parts of an aircraft Po-2: cabin, a cover fragment, ski, propeller blade, flap-seat and some other items were given by the public youth organization “Aviacenter” (Uray).

Private collections of the aircrafts’ and helicopters’ models, items of phaleristics “History of aviation in pins” also are represented at the exposition.

During the exposition there is a session of a feature film “Valery Chkalov” (1941) directed by M. Kalatozov and a documentary “Flight through memory” (1987) by V. Konovalov. Also you can hear some extracts from the audio book “Chkalov” (1975) written by a crew member G. Baydukov and songs about aviation.

The interactive site, developed by Ugra Research Institute of Information Technologies (Khanty-Mansiysk), allows visitors to see the map of Khanty-Mansiysk in a bird’s-eye perspective and in three dimensions.

At the presentation of the exhibition visitors were offered to make a paper airplane, write a review or a wish, and send it into “a bright future”.

Geology, Oil and Gas Museum expresses special thanks to:

“V. P. Chkalov Memorial Museum” (Chkalovsk, Nizhegorodskaya oblast);

“AviaCompany “UTair” Open Joint-Stock Company (Tyumen, Surgut, Khanty-Mansiysk);

“UgraAvia” Limited Liability Company (Khanty-Mansiysk);

Cultural Institution “Estate Foundation of Ugra” (Khanty-Mansyisk);

Autonomous Institution “Ugorskiy research institute of informational technologies” (Khanty-Mansyisk);

KMAO-Ugra Institution “Estate Library of Ugra” (Khanty-Mansyisk);

KMAO-Ugra Institution “Human and Nature Museum” (Khanty-Mansyisk);

Municipal public youth organization “Aviacentre” (Uray),

“International Fashion Centre” (Khanty-Mansyisk);

Department of Education of Khanty-Mansyisk Administration (Khanty-Mansyisk);

Children Additional Educational Institution “Young technician station” (Khanty-Mansyisk).

Exposition is open till the 15th of March 2012.

Free Entrance

Opening hours:  Wednesday – Sunday: 10.00-18.00; Monday, Tuesday – days off

Address: Khanty-Mansiysk, 9 Chekhova St.

Budget institution of Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug-Ugra “Geology, Oil and Gas Museum”

Phone/Fax: (34671) 33-32-72, 33-09-42, 33-49-47.

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