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Events of Khanty-Mansiysk cultural life

Here you can plan your leisure-time and find the detailed information about the active rest and events of Ugra from the 13th to the 18th of March.

From the 12th of March

Date Place Event
From the 12th of Marchto the 6th of April Ugra State Library (universalreading hall, 2nd floor) “PyotrStolypin” (dedicated to the 150th anniversary, 1862–1911)
2nd of March – 19thof May 2012 «G.S. Rayshev’s Studio-Gallery» “Gennady Rayshev: Music offering”
Till the 18th of March 2012 Man and Nature Museum, 1st floor “The graphics of live mood” Exhibition of famous Moscow animal painter Sergey Tsigal.
From the 5th to the 31stof March Ugra State Library, 2 Mira street (atrium, ground floor) “Samarovsky Peterburzhets”,  dedicated to the citizen of Samarovo settlement KhrisanfLoparev.
From the 1th of March Ugra State Library, 2 Mira street (2 floor) “Art exhibitions of the Ugra State Library”

From the 13th of March

Date Place Event
From the 14thtothe 29th of March Ugra State Library (lending library, ground floor) “Women’s name in Literature”
The 13thof March Ugra State Library(Conference Hall, ground floor) Cinema session “Vesyolyerebyata (Jolly Fellows)” (dedicated toLyubovOrlova’s  110th anniversary, 1902–1975)
From the 13th to the 18th of March (atrium, ground floor) Ugra State Library Exhibition“All about Biathlon”
From the 13th to the 18th of March Ugra State Library Quiz “Biathlon in facts and faces”
13th – 18th of March State Art Museum, 14 Karla Marxa street Opening of the“CINEMAMANIA” exhibition
13th – 18th of March Gronwell Resort Ugra Valley, building В “Babylon”, 1st floor “Minerals of polar Ural”
13th – 18th of March Ethnographic open-air Museum “Torum Maa”, 6 Dunina-Gorkavicha “Woman in the culture of ob-ugric people”
13th – 18th of March Centre of Folk Arts and Crafts, 199 Rosnina street Exhibition of the winners of local contest ”Master of the year– 2011”,  “Scattering of UgraTallents”, “Traditions and The Present in children’s creativity”
13th – 18th of March “Winter Sports Centre named after A. Filipenko”;
– Hote l“Olympic” 45 Engelsa street;
– Artistic salon, 119 Rosnina street
Fair “Ugra Folk Art”
13th of March Small Hall of “Art Centre for Gifted Children of the North” Concert of children’s philormonic of Artistic centre “Great Russian Composers”
13th of March Studio-Hall “Transformer” Concert and Theatrical centre “Ugra-Classic” Music installation ”Project entropia”

The 14th of March 2012

Date Place Event
14th of March (Central square) Quarterly out of the Library action “Library News”
14th of March Concert Hall Entertainment Centre “Oktyabr” The concert of folk ensemble“Garmonika”, “Spring is on the way, so let it come!!!!!!”
14th of March Cinema Film“Ice. Saga about Ugra Indigenous people”
14th of March Entertainment Centre “Arena-Ugra” Solemn World Cup Final Opening Ceremony

The 15th of March 2012

Date Place Event
from the 15th of March Ugra State Library(Hall of current periodicals, 2nd floor) Brain-ring on the art of Kazimir Malevich “Origins and Sources”
15th – 18th of March Exhibitory Centre “Ugra-Expo”, 19 Studencheskaya street/td> ХII fair“Ugra Fish Festival”

The 16th of March 2012

Date Place Event
16th of March Ugra State Library (universal reading hall, 2nd floor) The talk on books and a quiz “The General, who’s still got reserve, is not yet defeated”M. Golenishchev-Kutuzov
16-17 марта Big Hall of “Art Centre for Gifted Children of the North” Ballet «Puss in Boots»

The 17th of March 2012

Date Time Place Event
17th of March 18.00 Dom DruzhbyNarodov, Exhibition Hall. The“To love…”performance based on the stories by Yeremey Aipin
17th of March 17.00 Press Hall of  Concert and Theatrical centre “Ugra-Classic” “The Club of Opera and Ballet’s Lovers”

The 18th of March 2012

Date Time Place Event
18th of March 15.00 Concert and Theatrical centre “Ugra-Classic”(Conference Hall, ground floor) The“Literary Meetings”Club
The topic – “Women’s names in Literature”
18th of March 12.00 Dom DruzhbyNarodov “How Ivan the Fool became a Tsarevitch”
18th of March 15.00 Concert and Theatrical centre “Ugra-Classic” The“Sunday Museums” ClubThe topic: The Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts
18th of March 21.30 Concert and Theatrical centre “Ugra-Classic” Solemn World Cup Final Closing Ceremony

Stationary expositions

“The G.S. Rayshev’s Studio-Gallery”

Series of expositions:

“Gennady Rayshev: Space-Time”:

“Faces of my Land”

The studio of the XX century “The Graphics”

The studio of the XX century “Past into Future”

“Planet Earth. Motherland”

“An artist is a creator”

“The Opportunity to make the world a big place”


Human and Nature Museum:

Stationary exposition “Link of Times”:

– Exposition “Mythological Time”

– Exposition “Historical Time”

– Rhythm of the Biosphere

“Fashion of Spirits”

“Saint Nicholas”

“VerkhneyeDvuobye: Who? What? About whom? About what?”

“I have a homesick, I wish I were home“

“Centre of Folk Arts and Crafts:

Visual project “Sounds of the Landscape”.

Children’s exhibition “Tales of Lyantor” Town ofLyantor.

House Museum of V. Igoshev, People’s Artist of the USSR:

“Fill Ugra by your heart”

State Art Museum:

“The Old Russian Art of the XV–XIX centuries” (icon painting)

“Russian Art of the XVIII-XX centuries” (historical canvases)

Museum of Geology, Oil and Gas:

Temporary exhibition “Higher and higher…”.

Open fund exposition “Systematic collection of minerals”

Open fund exposition“Fanciful world of the stone”

Etnographic open-air museum “TorumMaa”:

“On the land of the Ugric people”–ethnographic open-air museum “TorumMaa” tour.

Festival-competition of icy sculptures “Ice and Painting

Nordic Ski Centre “KhvoyniyUrman”

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Sweden 1 1
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