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Library in March. Notice on forthcoming events.

Book exhibition:
“Founder of abstract art” (dedicated to the 135th anniversary of Kazimir Malevich, 1878-1935) 1-11 March (Current periodicals Hall)

“Fasting is the time to change yourself” 1-13 March (lending library, ground floor)

“Live and remember” (dedicated to the 75th anniversary of Russian writer Valentin Rasputin, 1937) 1-29 March (lending library, ground floor)

“Who wants something new” 1-29 March (Info centre, 1st floor)

“We read new books” 1-29 March (lending library, ground floor)

“Interesting to know” 1-29 March (lending library, ground floor)

“Samarovskiy Peterburzhez” (dedicated to the 150th anniversary of historian Hrisanf Loparev, 1862-1918) 1-29 March (atrium, ground floor)

“Pyotr Stolypin” (dedicated to the 150th anniversary of Russian statesman, 1862-1911) 12 March – 6 April (universal reading hall, 2nd floor)

“Women’s names in literature” 14-29 March (lending library, ground floor)

“Day of Earth” (The books from Felix Stillmark collection) 19 March – 6 April (Gallery, 1st floor)

“Tatar mosaic” 19 March – 13 April (Current periodicals Hall, 2nd floor)

“Spring holidays of Siberian peoples”:  dedicated to the Voroniy Prazdnik (Crow festival) 26 March – 30 April (department of local history literature and bibliography, 2nd floor)


Presentation ceremony of annual international literary Award “Ugra” 1 March at 16:00 (conference hall, ground floor)

Bibliography “Journey to theatre world” (27 March is the international theatre day) 27 March (Info centre, 1st floor)

The school of informational competence in the frame of the project “Resources. Technology. Culture.” From the 30th of March (Info centre, the 1st floor)

Compound event “Clean World: water and air” 22 March (conference hall, ground floor)

Readers and city residents survey “What do we read and what for?” 1-29 March (lending library, ground floor)

Video lounge “The star called “Love”:

Film session “Jolly fellows” (dedicated to the 110th anniversary of the actress Lubov Orlova, 1902-1975) 13 March (conference hall, ground floor) 16 March (House of the veterans)

Biathlon 2012

Exhibition “All about biathlon” 13-18 March (atrium, ground floor)

Quiz “Biathlon in facts and faces” 13-18 upon requests

Info centre services (1st floor): Internet, Skype, E-mail, Printing out

Library visiting (Ugra State Library) For city guests without preliminary application

Sunday “Academy” in library

“Pyotr Tchaikovsky: greatness of the genius” 4 March at 15:00

Radio and Television:

Radio “Ugoria”, program “Library World” 2 and 16 March at 18:10

TV “Ugra”, morning channel “From 7 to 9”

TV program “PRO reading” at 7:45 (upon request)

Club “Literary meetings”

The topic is “Women’s names in Literature” 18 March at 15:00 (Conference hall, ground floor)

Quizes and contests:

“The Reader of the year” 1 February – 31 November (Ugra State Library)

Internet-quiz “I praise you, Russia” (Info centre, 1 floor)

Literary art contest for readers (dedicated to the 200th anniversary of the Patriotic War 1812 victory) 19 March – 13 May (Lending library, ground floor)

“Openings in the Library”

Exhibition of Lyalya Kashapova “Underwater world attracting with its beauty” 1-29 March (Gallery, 1st floor)

Personal exhibition of Nikolay Malyavkin 1-29 March (conference hall, ground floor)


Quarterly outdoor action “The news of the library” 14 March (central square). Announcements, advertisements, hot news of the library life.

Workshop for the youth “Go volunteer, go librarian” 14 March every Thursday at 17:00 (lending library, ground floor)

Events on request

Program for children “Interesting reading” 1-29 March (lending library, ground floor)

Reading out loud the stories of V. Rasputin “Natasha”, “What should I say to the Crow”, “Women’s talk” 1-29 March (lending library, ground floor)

Useful hour “Etiquette rules” 1-29 March (lending library, ground floor)

Brain-ring on Kazimir Malevich art “Sources and origins” from the 15th of March (Current periodicals hall, 2nd floor)

Talk on books and a quiz “The general, who’s got reserve, is not yet defeated” (M. Golenichshev-Kutuzov) 16 March (universal reading hall, 2nd floor)

Always yours – Ugra State Library. Tel. (3467) 33-33-21, e-mail: ugra@okrlib.ru

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