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Friday, 10
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Darya Domracheva: “I do not count up my points after each race”

The pursuit winners Darya Domracheva (Belarus), Makarainen Kaisa (Finland) and Vita Semerenko (Ukraine) told how hard it was to compete during a snowfall.

– Darya, you have defeated Magdalena Neuner in a very important race. How important it was for you to achieve such a result, while Lena has not left professional sports?

Darya Domracheva: Yes, for me it is really important. It was a season of Magdalena, the future one will probably be mine. I really enjoyed the race – there was a possibility to win for us all. I said many times that I’m not happy that Magdalena leaves the biathlon – I like our duel, and it was interesting to watch for all the fans. But it’s her life, her decision, and we must respect it.

– At the last World Championships you won your first gold medal. And now in a very hard fight you won the minor Crystal Globe in pursuits. What are your further expectations?

Darya Domracheva: Now I cannot say anything. I always start the race prepared to the good work and excellent results. I do not count up my points after each race, so I’m not sure whether I win the Big Crystal Globe during this season, or not. At least today I’m happy with my skiing.

– Kaisa, last season you’ve got the Big Crystal Globe, this season has been more difficult for you. How much easier will be the next season, where the two of your major competitors – Magdalena Neuner and Helena Ekholm will not be present?

Kaisa Makarainen: I think I had a good season. Except, of course, a few races in Ruhpolding. But otherwise I am quite pleased with the results. I was motivated for the final stage in Khanty-Mansiysk; I knew that here is a real winter. Today I felt great fatigue in my legs, but in general all was well on the track.The weather is great here – I love when we compete in these real winter conditions. I think today’s track suits me much better than the one that was in Ruhpolding last week.

– Vita, did you think to find yourself in the top three today with Magdalena behind you?

Vita Semerenko: I still cannot believe that the two days running I stand on the podium. My goal was just to cope with the shooting because I was very tired physically. But everything was OK.

– For a long time you were among the top ten, but you didn’t sweep the podium. Now we see you there more often. What do you expect of the next season?

Vita Semerenko: I have not made plans for next season yet – it’s still not finished. There is still a mass start, the competitions in Kamchatka. I hope that next season I will show even better results than now.

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Medal count
Belarus 2 1 3
France 2 2
Germany 1 3 4
Norway 1 1 1 3
Ukraine 1 1 2
Finland 1 1 2
Sweden 1 1
Russia 1 1

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