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The best biathletes of the world melted the ice of Ugra for the 7th time

The closing ceremony of the World Cup Biathlon 2011/2012 took place in the theatrical center “Ugra-Classic” yesterday, March 18.

On stage, with a jew’s harp and drum rhythms the actors performed traditional Khanty dancing, trapeze artists flow upward, making an incredible pirouettes and acrobatics. TV Company “Ugra” introduced to viewers the video “From the Ugra Cup to World Championships”, dedicated to the development of biathlon in the region.

Natalya Komarova, Governor of the Khanty-Mansiysk Okrug-Ugra, Anders Besseberg, president of the International Biathlon Union, and Yuriy Nagornykh, Deputy Minister of Sport, Tourism and Youth Policy, made congratulatory speeches to the participants, organisers and audience of the World Cup.

Natalya Komarova thanked the biathletes, coaches and fans for full of drama show granted throughout the season:”The World Cup 2011/2012 has reached its final line.The culmination of this event took place here, in Ugra, Russia. W e are pleased that the first team places went to our team. Biathlon has no boundaries – and this is your merit, countrymen, fans. Your hospitality, kindness and devotion for the seventh time melted the ice of our harsh Ugra land. “Natalya Komarova also noted that the Winter Sports Center named after A. Filipenko renewed his ‘A”-license up to 2017.

In his turn, Yuriy Nagornykh expressed his gratitude to the biathletes who were doing their best for three days at the stadium, and to the fans who all this time supported their idols from the stands: “Russia is increasingly opening its doors to the world biathlon. The next year, we take the past two World Cups – in Sochi and in Khanty-Mansiysk. We hope that Russia will continue to receive the additional stages”. Also, the Deputy Minister thanked the organisers of sports events, local Government and personally the Governor Natalya Komarova: “Thousands of people worked to the best athletes of the world were comfortable here; they wanted to come back here again. We, in our turn, are always glad to welcome the world biathlon in our country. I can assure you that all competitions will be held at a high level. “

Anders Besseberg began his speech with a mention of those who this year decided to end their career: “All come to an end, including the biathlon. A great season is behind, thanks to the biathletes for excellent performance they gave to thousands of fans in the stadium and millions who watched biathlon from the TV screens. Special thanks to those biathletes who have decided to end their career after the season. Magdalena Neuner and Helena Ekholm, we are sorry that you are leaving. I wish you all the best in your new life. I am sure your new lifestyle will be successful”. IBU President thanked the committee for their work, which was held in preparation of the final stage: “Registration for charter flights, a fantastic opening ceremony, competition, where biathletes were on an equal footing, – everything was at a top level. There is no doubt that in the non-official score for the best opening and closing ceremonies among the organizing committees, the OK of Khanty-Mansiysk is a leader”.

At the awards ceremony Anders Besseberg and Evgeny Redkin, Director of the Department of Physical Education and Sport of Ugra, honored the best biathletes of the season, .

Minor Crystal Globe of the season 2011/2012 for various competitive disciplines went to the following biathletes:

Sprint, Men – Martin Fourcade (France)

Sprint, Women – Magdalena Neuner (Germany)

Pursuit, Men – Martin Fourcade (France)

Pursuit, Women – Darya Domracheva (Belarus)

Mass Start, Men – Andreas Birnbacher (Germany)

Mass Start, Women – Darya Domracheva (Belarus)

Individual race, Men – Simon Fourcade (France)

Individual race, Women – Helena Ekholm (Sweden)

Relay, Men – national team of France

Relay, Women – national team of France

Mixed Relay – national team of Russia

Among the top ten of the total score of the World Cup 2011/2012 men were: Fredrik Lindström (Sweden), Anton Shipulin (Russia), Tarjei Boe (Norway), Carl Bergman (Sweden), Simon Fourcade (France), Arnd Peiffer (Germany), Andreas Birnbacher (Germany), Emil Hegle Svendsen (Norway). The leader of the total score and the owner of the Senior Crystal Globe became Martin Fourcade(France).

Among the top ten of the total score women were: Anastasya Kuzmina (Slovakia), Marie Dorin Habert (France), Andrea Henkel(Germany), Marie-Laure Brunet (France), Olga Zaitseva (Russia), Helena Ekholm (Sweden), Kaisa Makarainen (Finland), ToraBerger (Norway), Darya Domracheva (Belarus).The leader of the total score and the winner of Senior Crystal Globe of the season 2011/2012 was Magdalena Neuner (Germany).

The Cup of the Nations for the best team result went to men’s and women’s Russian team.

Guests, participants and spectators honored those who have decided to end their professional career. Magdalena Neuner and Helena Ekholm, who decided to leave brightly, shining in the light of fame, received gifts from the hands of Evgeny Redkin and Anders Besseberg. In addition, Magdalena Neuner were presented with her portrait, painted by local artist Alexey Selantiev. The spectators stood to applaud to the strongest biathletes of the world who said goodbye to professional sports.

After the ceremony, Anders Besseberg declared the World Cup 2011/2012 closed.

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