For accredited representatives of Mass Media the excursion programmes will be organized in the frame of The final World Cup of Biathlon 2012/2013.

The journalists will take part in cultural and entertainment events 13,14 of March. “BIG FISH,LITTLE FISH, COME ON, COME ON”, which will be held  at the base “TUOS” of Khanty-Mansiysk region. At the lake “Imytui” they can  fish and after eat  fish soup of personal catch. The participants of the programme will be provided inventory and equipment.

The excursion  “Under crown of old cedars” will be organized in museum under the open sky “Torummaa” 13,14,15,16,17 of March.The guests of the biathlon will take a closer look at history, way of life of  North people and also they will taste national dishes which will be prepared at the territory of the museum-reserve according to century rules of Khanty and Mansy.