The exhibition of photo artist « The world of Biathlon» Sergei Cherniavskih will be opened in the building of media centre named in honor of  A. Filipenko. The author presents 40 works which were made at the last 10 years at the World Cup in Khanty-Mansiysk.

– The plot of this exhibition is the contrast of emotional moods. I managed to shoot Martin Fourcade after the defeat, there was the tragedy of the situation in his eyes. Here’s the range of a loss up to win trophies, medals, podium – that’s life. Naturally the stars of the world biathlon are primarily in the works. There is lyrical digressions athletes’ communication with the coach, the fans, “- says Sergey Cherniavskih.
The photographer says that the shooting gives a moment of history:
– We see a lot of studios, production photos with the athletes, but they are not artists and their main stage is a stadium. The selection was of a very large number of  images, the exhibition shows squeezing. Some photos may even be half filmed and so it is interesting. Film images were scanned, retouched and converted to black and white. Why black and white? It is left to cut off too much graphics, this method is very popular now in Europe and America. Appreciate or do not appreciate the exhibition is another question, our task is to prepare the audience.