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Friday, 10
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Martin Fourcade: “This season has become a sensation”

Pursuit leaders Martin Fourcade, Arnd Peiffer and Emil Hegle Svendsen at a press conference, dedicated to the results of the second day of the races at the World Cup Biathlon Final shared their feelings on the race.

– Martin, how would you describe your character: the leader or the terminator?

Martin Fourcade: I’d rather say the motivator. It was a great race with a decent result. Our rivals are strong; I liked to compete with them.

– Your team is now coped with the task?

Martin Fourcade: I had good skis; our wax team has done an excellent job, so I thank them very much. I am very pleased with the race and I am happy to win.

– This season, you swept the podium for 14 times, including eight wins. You also won the minor Crystal Globe in the sprint and the pursuit races. Did you expect that all will be so good ?

Martin Fourcade:
No, I did not expect this. Before the sprint I did not even know on what position Emil and me will find ourselves. This season has become a sensation!

-Arnd, once again you have become second. What are you feeling now?

Arnd Peiffer: Today it was very difficult for me to win Martin – he is very strong.I am delighted that once again swept the podium. In the Khanty-Mansiysk I don’t feel such pressure, as in Ruhpolding, so to run here is much easier. Our team is looking forward to next season.

– Emil, how easy was it to repel the attack of Dmitriy Malyshko?

Emil Hegle Svendsen:
It was very hard. I was told that he was 10 seconds behind me, and I tried to widen the distance, but Malyshko was catching up. I did my best to keep my position, and after the finish I was recovering myself for ten minutes. I’m very tired. The race was difficult, but important, and even fantastic.

– In this season there was a bitter struggle between you and Martin …

Emil Hegle Svendsen:
I didn’t expect that Martin will be so strong, I was impressed. He deserves to take the top position in the rankings. The winner is the strongest!

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Belarus 2 1 3
France 2 2
Germany 1 3 4
Norway 1 1 1 3
Ukraine 1 1 2
Finland 1 1 2
Sweden 1 1
Russia 1 1

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